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Just Joe - METALJOE (Vol. 1)

Image of Just Joe - METALJOE (Vol. 1)


My first release of nothing but HEAVY METAL covers done JUST JOE style. On the piano!! Stripped down from their original arrangements and given a whole new spin, ALL while paying homage to the song and artist. This will be the FIRST in a series of HEAVY METAL COVER albums.

Track Listing:
1. Creeping Death (Metallica)
2. Mother (Danzig)
3. Sober (Tool)
4. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
5. Love You To Death (Type O Negative)
6. Cemetery Gates (Pantera)
7. Snuff (Slipknot)
8. Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains)
9. Blackened (Metallica)